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Through The Truth

Enter the world of perspectives as we venture into a journey through truth. Moving from the desire of outside approval to wisdom of self-acceptance. In our search for the truth, we found memories of childhood, playfulness, and moments of vulnerability through mirrored surfaces to reflect on everything around us. The performance is conceived as a physical object theatre combined with new circus. The solo artist, Thula Moon uses high level aerial acrobatics and contortion to convey this piece. UFFO Trutnov & FysioART & Thula Moon (ČR/USA) 

The original piece is fifty minutes in length but can be adapted upon request 

The Team!

UFFO Trutnov & FysioART & Thula Moon (ČR/USA)

Artistka/ Artist: Thula Moon
Koncept, režie, výprava/ Concept, Direction, Scenography: Hana Strejčková
Choreografická spolupráce/ Choreograph. coop: Alexey Shcherbakov
Hudba/ Music: Martin Konvička
Rigging: Tomáš Pintér
Světlo/ Lights: Ondřej Beier, Jakub Nováček
Zvuk/ Sound design: Radek Ježek
Projekce/ Projection: Tomáš Strejček
Produkce/ Producer: UFFO Trutnov


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